Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moo Moo Summer

As the spring 2008 semester ended, MMBC members weren't ready to say goodbye to books until August. I used their unwillingness to take a break as an opportunity to let non-members try the club out for the summer. 40 students signed up for summer reading. We met once in June and once in July, and the participation was great. At both meetings only about 20 of the 40 were able to come, and although we met at Cracker Barrel where it was hard to hear each other, the discussions went on.

This summer program brought in about 15 new members, so I expected the club's number to increase by 15 or 20 in the '08-'09 fall semester. (Later I would find that I was off by a long shot.)


Rachel Dwyer Mantooth said...

You seriously need to add to this. I have goregous pictures of our most recent adventure! Is there a way for a plain old poster like myself to add pics to the blog?

Mrs. Risha Mullins said...

Well, since you are the co-sponsor, I can give you my pass ID and stuff. You can add whatever you want. OR you can give me the pics and I'll upload them.